Monday, August 9, 2010

The Riddle of Steel.

I type this first post from my iPhone while the baby plays with the television remote. She seems content stuffing it into the cushions of the couch and retrieving it. I realized today while I finished my load of laundry that my childhood dream of being a BMX adventurer was over. Am I wrong or does every man dream of this somewhere between the ages of eight and ten. I chipped my two front teeth trying to pull some Mongoose stunt/trick whilst evading imaginary enemies. I shoulda put that word in quotes: "enemies"
I can't be wrong. Surely, it is a shared dream. I had an entire series of films constructed around my off-brand BMX bike: The Screamer. The series would star me and the antagonist would be played by Robert Loggia or James Earl Jones. The soundtrack would be culled from the
Van Halen discography. My love interest; Elizabeth Shue would pine for my attention but ultimately find herself one step behind a man and his trusty bike. That was the "riddle of steel"! It was 1984 and video games were worth far less than a mound of dirt and dream of that one great jump, some sweet rockin' tunes, and a girl that understood it all.
So, this is the Sahd Man Blog. Sahd-Stay At Home Dad Blog.
I should probably edit that first post a little better...but I won't. I'll leave that to the real writers. My wife is a real writer. Her talent is amazing and otherworldly. This is me boasting about my wife. I love her. She's amazing.
I am a SAHD...more on that in my next post.
Gotta run. The baby is calling.

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